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Aromatherapy Candles

All natural candles made with a soy-beeswax blend and eco-wick (lead free).  Our candles are truly all natural because they are scented with essential oils (no fragrances).  Essential oils are very concentrated liquids that carry the "essence" of the plant from which they are derived.  By blending these oils together in special combinations we have created a unique and elegant candle.  in addition to using essential oils, our candles are garnished with organic flowers, herbs & spices to reflect the botanical aromas within the candle. 


  We offer two (2) sizes of candles: 8 oz. metal tin & 10 oz. glass jar

 Bath & Body

All natural lotions, balms, body butters, bath salts & milks, and floral waters. We do not use parabens, which are found in many moisturizers, lotions, soaps, and shampoos, that are a petroleum byproduct. The butters and balms are a soy/shea butter base and scented with a special blend of essential oils. Our bath salts are an epsom salt base containing magnesium, which helps soothe and relieve muscle pain. The bath milk is a dry milk base that contains lactic acid, which dissolves proteins that help hold together dead skin cells, thus renewing and moisturizing your skin.

Rice Bran Oil

Few cooking oils can compare with the health benefits of rice bran oil.  It is packed with antioxidants, high in vitamin E, & has a smoke point of up to 490 degrees making it great for high temperature cooking.  RBO is the only cooking oil that has been proven to help lower cholesterol and is made in the USA.  Because of RBO's subtle taste, it is ideal to infuse it with flavors.  We also offer regular non-flavor infused rice bran oil. 


All natural deodorants that work hard to keep you feeling fresh all day.  we offer deodorant scents in Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime, & Tea Tree.  All of our deodorants are aluminum free.

 In The Kitchen

 We offer a variety of prepared food mixes such as vegetarian soups, chili, stovetop mixes & baking mixes. 

Organic Flowers, Herbs & Spices

We have a large variety of bulk flowers, herbs & spices for purchase.  Use these items to make your own remedies, teas, or just stock your spice racks.

 Organic Teas

Maison Terre has created a number of organic tea blends.  Choose from green teas, black teas, white teas, herbal teas, & yerba mate (S. American). 

 Spice Mixes

Seasonings made with natural and organic herbs & spices.  Choose from Blackened, Herbs de Provence, Italian, Lemon Basil, & Red Chili Spice Mixes to use for any occasion.