Vervain (Blue)

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Vervain – Organic

Blue Vervain

Vervain, otherwise know as blue vervain or verbena is a creeping perennial of the mint family, bearing numerous, small lilac-blue flowers.  Bruised, it was worn round the neck as a charm against headaches, and also against snake and other venomous bites as well as for general good luck. It was thought to be good for the sight. Its virtues in all these directions may be due to the legend of its discovery on the Mount of Calvary, where it staunched the
wounds of the crucified Saviour. Hence, it is crossed and blessed with a commemorative verse when it is gathered. It must be picked before flowering, and dried promptly.  It is recommended in upwards of thirty complaints, being astringent, diaphoretic, atispasmodic, etc. It is said to be useful in intermittent fevers, ulcers, ophthalmia, pleurisy, etc., and to be a good galactogogue. It is still used as a febrifuge in autumn fevers.  As a poultice it is good in headache, earneuralgia, rheumatism, etc. In this form it colors the skin a fine red, giving rise to the idea that it had the power of drawing the blood outside.  Popularized in the Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter, vervain is also believed to ward off vampires and other demons.


Since the herb can stimulate uterine contractions, avoid during pregnancy.

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