Sarsaparilla Root [Indian] Organic (2 oz.)


[Organic] In Victorian era England, sarsaparilla enjoyed an unprecedented popularity as a "spring tonic", believed to help detoxify the body of poisons and toxins accumulated over the course of the winter. This species of sarsaparilla grows in India and Ceylon, where for centuries it was used as an anti-syphilitic, as well as for a variety of STD's. It was also used to stimulate the flow of bile remove toxins from the body. When the root was first introduced to Europe in 1831, it was marketed as a specific remedy for syphilis, leprosy, boils, and eczema, but over the years it took on more and more qualities of healing until some enthusiasts claimed it could cure everything short of a gunshot wound. By 1911, though, it had fallen into disuse and for decades was thought of as nothing more than a beverage. Modern science suggests that some of the constituents in sarsaparilla may indeed be useful in medicine, particularly to treat skin conditions and general malaise. In the 1950s, scientists documented the antibiotic properties of sarsaparilla preparations, pointing to its ability to attack microbial contamination in the bloodstream. Its diuretic and detoxification actions have been documented, as has its beneficial effects on both digestion and skin conditions.

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