Jasmine Flower Buds Organic (1 oz.)


[Organic] Used in washes and ointments, jasmine flowers are a gentle remedy for inflammation. They reduce both physical irritation and sensitivity to pain. Jasmine teas have been known to act as a gentle sedative and Ayurvedic medicine has utilized jasmine for the reduction of breast milk and milk production in general. There is a common misunderstanding in the herb market concerning dried Jasmine flowers, in that they impart very little fragrance. While most people would assume that the dried flowers are similar to the overpowering aroma of fresh flowers, this is simply not the case. The waxy exude on jasmine flowers which give it the scent we are all familiar with is incredibly volatile and will dissipate within days of being dried, and the result is a dried flower with only a hint of aroma still lingering.

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