Chrysanthemum Flowers Organic (1 oz.)


[Organic] In the US it is considered the "Queen of the fall flowers" in no small part to its inclusion in most college homecoming festivities and it is the largest commercially produced flower in the US due to its ease of cultivation, capability to bloom on schedule, and its wide diversity of form and color. Chrysanthemum is used for its effects on the eyes. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that the herb corrects imbalances in liver and kidney function that cause blurred vision, dizziness, dry red eyes, excessive tearing, or spots in front of the eyes. Chrysanthemum also treats headaches accompanying infection, carbuncles, furuncles, and vertigo. Wild chrysanthemum is though to be more useful than the cultivated variety for treatment of sores abscesses, especially those of the head and back. Chrysanthemum also contains compounds that fight staph infections of the skin.

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