Cinnamon Powder Organic (2 oz.)


[Organic] Due to its incredible value, sweet cinnamon was used for centuries as a spice of the aristocracy and the wealthy. It is obviously readily available to everyone nowadays. During the middle ages it was used as a meat preservative due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, but also so that it could mask the stench of "aged" meats much better than salt. When choosing cinnamon for your own use, be forewarned that the quills of cassia are next to impossible to grind, the flavor usually being extracted by boiling. Sweet cinnamon quills are much easier to use in any recipe and quite easy to grind for use. Most everyone knows the virtues of uses cinnamon in baking, but there are a great many other uses that are being rediscovered, or invented everyday. Cinnamon sticks are used in some cocktails as a stick to stir the drink, as well as being added to a traditional mulled wine recipe. Middle Eastern and Asian recipes make liberal use of cinnamon in their main dishes, curries, stews, biriyanis, and as a marinade for beef and lamb. A cinnamon tea also makes a wonderful digestive aid after dinner, and cinnamon sticks can even be used in pickling as something new to spice up an old recipe.

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