Rose Petals, Red

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Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Rose Petals, according to the The American Botanical Council, have sedative, antiseptic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and heart-supportive properties. An ointment called “Rosalin” was tested against several microorganisms with positive results, particularly the treatment of acute radiodermatitis and radionecrosis. It also showed benefits for cancer patients receiving radiation therapy. Psychological studies indicate that rose petals and rose oil can induce “sweeter dreams” and increase concentration and rate of work capacity.

Red Rose petals are official in nearly all Pharmacopoeias. Though formerly
employed for their mild astringency and tonic value, they are to-day used almost
solely to impart their pleasant odour to pharmaceutical preparations. The
British Pharmacopceia preparations are a Confection, Acid Infusion and a
Fluid Extract. The Confection is directed to be made by beating 1 lb. of fresh
Red Rose petals in a stone mortar with 3 lb. of sugar. It is mostly used in pill
making. Formerly this was prescribed for haemorrhage of the lungs and for
coughs. The United States official confection is made by rubbing Red Rose
petals, powdered, with heated rose-water, adding gradually fine, white sugar and
heating the whole together till thoroughly mixed. The Fluid Extract is
made from powdered Red Rose petals with glycerine and dilute alcohol. It is of a
deep red color, an agreeable odor of rose and of a pleasant, mildly astringent
taste. The Acid Infusion is made from dried, broken-up, Red Rose petals,
diluted with sulphuric acid, sugar and boiling water, infused in a covered
vessel for 15 minutes and strained. It has a fine red color and agreeable
flavor and has been employed for its astringent effects in the treatment of
stomatitis and pharyngitis. Its virtue is principally due to the aromatic
sulphuric acid which it contains and the latter ingredient renders it a useful
preparation, in the treatment of nightsweats resulting from depression. A
Simple (non-acid) Infusion is mainly used as a flavoring for
other medicines. It is also used as a lotion for ophthalmia, etc.

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