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Maison Terre Hydrosols or Floral Waters

Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates are produced from steam-distilling plant materials. Hydrosols are usually a by-product of essential oil production and have similar properties to essential oils but are much less concentrated.  They are water based as opposed to oil based.  Hydrosols contain all of the essence of the plant in every drop, just like essential oils but in a milder form; making them suitable for all manner of applications where essential oils would be too strong.  Please note that their aromas are mild and subtle, sometimes bright and fragrant, and are indicative of their authentic and therapeutic properties. Wonderful as a facial splash, body perfume, deodorant or air freshener. Cool a hot flash, change your mood, or add them to lotions and creams. Hydrosols should be kept in a cool, dark place, and refrigeration is recommended unless you will use them within a short time. Each of our 4 oz. Rose Floral Water and Orange Blossom Floral Water are packaged in an amber HDPE plastic bottles bottle with a black mister.

We offer Rose Floral Water and Orange Blossom Floral Water.

For more information on how to use Rose Floral Water, click here.


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