Cats Claw

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Cat’s claw is a kind of herb and it has 2 species and both are very beneficial in medicine.


First type of specie is the Uncaria Tomentosa it is primarily used in United States while the


second type is Uncaria Guianensis it can be found in Europe area. Cat’s Claws ranked in US as


seventh most famous herb.


Other name of Cat’s Claw is Uncaria Tomentosa, Una De Gato, Life-giving Vine of Peru


and Samento. Cat’s Claw only live when the weather is in winter and the temperature does not


reach below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. They can grow healthy and beautiful when you first cut a


part of it and then plant it again.


Cat’s Claw looks like the claws of a cat. It has thorns on its leaves. The root bark is themost useful part of the herb. Its preparation is in the form of tablet, capsule, dried herb and tincture forms.  This herb thought to relieve joint pains like Arthritis. Compounds found in cat’s claw are being blocked the body’s abnormal production of inflammation-producing substances which is called prostaglandins. Some studies also believed that cat’s claw prevent or minimize the spread of cancer cells in the body. Its extract utilizes as direct anti-proliferative activity to MCF7 which known as breast cancer cell line and this scenario has led as a treatment for cancer and aids.  Cat’s claws can be a cure for hypertension, gastritis, colitis. Cat’s Claws is very safe to use in cooking. You can add this to any food or even in drinks. It is healthy just like and other herb.

In making tea, you can add even ½ teaspoon in a mug and add hot water.  Research and studies have been conducted by many scientists from Peru, Germany, Austria, and England that tried to determine the healing power of this herb. This herb thought to be one among the best selling herbs in the USA.  It is a no no no to a person who have had gone organ transplant. It is also not safe for those people who have a bleeding problem. Pregnant women and nursing mother should advice not to eat cat’s claw because it might result not good to your child.

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