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Welcome to Maison Terre Natural Products

At Maison Terre, our mission is to create sustainable and eco-friendly products that provide you a natural alternative to today’s high volume, low quality, chemically produced goods. We offer a variety of products including Organic Herbs & Spices, Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Organic Teas, Herbal Remedies, Aromatherapy Candles & Herbal Smoking Blends.  Shop online for high-quality artisan and handcrafted products made in Arkansas.

Legend of Eva and Maison Terre

Maison Terre was created by Evangeline Arnaud in 1794.  She was just 16 when she left her native France and embarked on her voyage to the New World.  She had intended to join her uncle Rene in New Orleans, but during the voyage she met and fell in love with an adventurer named Luc.  In New Orleans, they married and made their way north to the vicinity of Hot Springs.  There, the young couple built a home, which Evangeline called Maison Terre.
Evangeline delighted in this new earth, as she called it.  Her family had been perfume makers in Provence.  Although she was young, she was well-versed in the knowledge of extracting oils from plants and in creating scents and remedies.  At Maison Terre, she created new scents and useful products from the plants around her.  Soon she was able to make new products that gave pleasure and relief to others.  By 1816, her products were being made by all of the members of her household and shipped to New Orleans, and from there to the world beyond.

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    If only there had been Maison Terre Natural Products when I was living down in the Ouachitas. Operated by Sarah Brown from her quaint house in North Little Rock, Maison Terre offers a wide variety of medicinal herbs, essential oils, and prepared products that can be delivered right to your doorstep for a very reasonable price. Brown is a modern-day apothecary, selecting high-quality herbs, producing her own soaps, candles, and edible products — and she operates one heck of a back-yard garden that utilizes some cutting edge growing techniques to maximize yields of organic herbs and produce in a limited area.


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